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Michael Coleman: Sixth week in Gaza


My Skype hook up with the Sydney fundraiser at Plunge No.46 > Photo by Kate Ausburn

My Skype hook up with the Sydney fundraiser at Plunge No.46 > Photo by Kate Ausburn

My 6th week in Gaza started with a Skype hook up to a Free Gaza Australia [FGA] fundraising dinner in support of Gaza’s Ark [GA], the fundraiser was held at Plunge No.46 in Summer Hill in Sydney. From all accounts it was a huge success with over 50 supporters in attendance and raising over $2500 for the Gaza Ark project. Thanks to everyone who attended for showing their support, the FGA crew for putting it all together and the peeps at Plunge No.46 for their generosity and hospitality. However there is one person who deserves a special mention and that is James Godfrey, the driving force behind FGA, his commitment, focus and attention to detail are second to none > so a big thank you to James, not just for all the effort he put into the fundraising dinner, but for everything he does for FGA and GA. Thank you my friend : ]

Video: The prolonged Israeli naval blockade has destroyed Gaza’s fishing industry

The prolonged Israeli naval blockade has destroyed Gaza's fishing industry and marine sports

This video is a testimony to the unfair hardship created for the Palestinians of Gaza by the illegal Israeli blockade. Limits of 6 nautical miles to the fishing area drastically curtails the livelihood of fishers in Gaza as well as recreational activities. In addition, fishers daily risk their lives under the repressive actions of the Israeli navy. Palestinians as well as international observers in Gaza continually make appeals to end the blockade of Gaza. This video shows two Gaza's Ark activists giving statements: Mahfouz Kabariti, Palestinian spokesperson for Gaza's Ark in Gaza, and Michael Coleman, who is currently in Gaza following the development of Gaza's Ark project.

Gaza fishermen stage demonstration at sea to demand an end to the naval blockade

Posted March 3, 2013

In a few months Gaza's Ark will be in a position to sail out of Gaza for a similar challenge to the Israeli blockade.

Micheal Coleman from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia is in Gaza as a steering committee member of Gaza's Ark. This is what he reported: "Today I attended a protest at sea that called for an end to Israeli attacks on Palestinian fishermen and also demanded that Israel return over 30 stolen fishing boats it has confiscated."

Under the title Israel: Return the Stolen Boats Campaign Launch he has also posted some photos.

To support Gaza's Ark, please donate or buy a symbolic Share in Hope.

Michael Coleman: My second week in Gaza

Well my second week in Gaza has come to an end and it’s official, I now have my permit to stay > got to love Palestine, it’s the only place on earth where my criminal record and deportation in regards to my solidarity actions are appreciated on a visa application.

This week has mainly been spent meeting with civil society organisations to seek support for the Gaza’s Ark [GA] http://www.gazaark.org/ project.

Michael Coleman arrives in Gaza

Michael in Gaza-Day 1Michael Coleman is a member of Free Gaza Australia. He is a social justice activist …or rather “kayaktivist”. The term was coined when he and Soha Kneen, from Canada, attempted in July 2011 to stop a Greek coastguard boat from pursuing the Canadian ship, the Tahrir, in her attempt to leave the Greek port and make it to international waters towards Gaza. Michael and Soha put their kayaks in front of the Greek boat risking to be slammed into. They succeeded in delaying the Greek fast boat but not long enough, and eventually the Tahrir was stopped and forced to return to port.

The Kayaktivist Rides Again


by Michael Coleman

26 January 2013

Well I’m back in the Middle East and I have to say it almost feels like coming home. The first morning in Cairo I woke to the sound of the call to prayer and from that moment on I have felt welcomed and supported. I am in Cairo to sort my entry into the Gaza Strip to assist with the Gaza’s Ark project.


Free Gaza Australia: Israel attacks human rights activists in international waters – again

For immediate Release from Free Gaza Australia

Israel attacks human rights activists in international waters – again…

Sunday, 21 October, 2012 (6pm)

The Israeli military has once more attacked an unarmed sailing boat (Estelle) in international waters on Saturday 20 October (ESDST). The Estelle was in international waters, approximately 17 nautical miles north of Arish, Egypt. It was carrying a small amount of humanitarian aid, including basketballs, musical equipment and cement; an anchor for Gaza’s Ark; parliamentarians from five countries; and activists who were challenging the illegal naval blockade of 1.6 million people living in Gaza, Palestine. There have now been more than a dozen attempts to break the illegal naval blockade, with Sydney’s Michael Coleman experiencing the same unjustified aggression and detention when part of the Freedom Waves to Gaza in November 2011.

Rachel Corrie’s humanity to live on with ‘Gaza’s Ark’

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie was born on April 10, 1979, and raised in Olympia, Washington, in the US. She was the youngest of the three children of Craig and Cindy Corrie. Rachel’s mother Cindy describes their family as “average Americans, politically liberal, economically conservative, middle class”.

Even as a young girl, Rachel stood in front of adults and talked about human rights. After graduating from college at 23, Rachel’s commitment to human rights took her to a small city of Rafah in the Palestinian enclave called Gaza — about as far from Olympia as humanly possible.

In Palestine, Rachel volunteered with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), bearing witness to Israel’s daily violations of international law against the 1.4 million people who lived there.

Rachel’s main task in Rafah was stopping the Israeli Occupation Force [IOF] from demolishing Palestinian houses along the border with Egypt to create a “security” zone. At the time, the Israeli military had demolished 1700 homes in Rafah, an action human rights groups said was collective punishment.

‘Gaza’s Ark’ to challenge Israel’s illegal blockade

Friday, July 13, 2012

After its successful participation in Freedom Flotilla Two and Freedom Waves last year, Free Gaza Australia (FGA) in cooperation with its international partners is launching a new initiative: Gaza’s Ark — Building Hope. Gaza’s Ark will challenge the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza that collectively punishes more than 1.5 million Palestinians.

Gaza has “officially” been under an Israeli blockade since 2007, but the restriction on the movement of the population of Gaza began in 1991 when Gaza was first cut off from Israel and the West Bank.

The human costs of this blockade have been well documented, although often not reported. By restricting crucial medical and building supplies and blacklisting large amounts of food items, Israel has made 80% of the population of Gaza dependent on aid.

The virtual ban on exports has caused Gaza’s unemployment to soar to more than 30%. Gaza’s exports are now at just 5% of what they were in 2007.

Palestinians to trade using Gaza Ark


Michael Coleman and James Godfrey hope "Gaza's Ark" will defy the Israeli blockade. JOHN APPLEYARD
Michael Coleman and James Godfrey hope “Gaza’s Ark” will defy the Israeli blockade. JOHN APPLEYARD


IMPOVERISHED Palestinians living under the Gaza blockade are planning to build a vessel that will trade at ports on the Mediterranean as early as Christmas.

An international collective is backing the plans, with at least two Sydney residents helping to plan and fund a project called “Gaza’s Ark”.