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Activists denounce attack against Gaza’s Ark, announce global day of action for Gaza

A group of international activists involved in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition held a press conference in London on Monday to debrief the media about the terrorist attack against Gaza's Ark at the end of last month, and to announce a global day of action on 31 May to demand an end to Israel's draconian siege of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza resident builds plant that returns plastic to fuel

A Gaza resident has built a high-tech plant from basic equipment to turn used plastic remains to its origin; fuel.

It took Ibrahim Soboh, 55, from the Nusairat refugee camp in the centre of the Gaza Strip, seven months to build and perfect the plant.

Israel's siege on the Gaza Strip lead to many essential goods running out, pushing the residents to Gaza to invent new machines with basic equipment to try to find alternatives.

Gaza’s children protest against naval blockade


Gaza children protest

The event is being seen as part of an increase in popular demonstrations against the siege, including protest marches. Activists and local media outlets have backed the programme


Schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip have organised their own unique protest against the naval blockade of the territory. With the support of international activists, the children made and floated hundreds of model boats as a symbol of being able to break free from the stifling blockade of Gaza's small ports.

The event is being seen as part of an increase in popular demonstrations against the siege, including protest marches. Activists and local media outlets have backed the programme.

Gaza's territorial waters have been blockaded by the Israeli navy since 2006, cutting it off from the rest of the world. Gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen on an almost daily basis. Many have had their boats and equipment confiscated and destroyed; a number have been killed or wounded by the Israelis.

MEMO photographer: Mohammed Asad



International report says collective punishment of Gaza has reached critical stage

Middle East Monitor

slow-death-1Two months after the military coup in Egypt, the Gaza Strip continues to live through the worst shortages of medical equipment and fuel as well as difficulties on movement in and out of the Strip, a report issued by three international organisations said.

EuroMid Observer for Human Rights in cooperation with the Palestinian Return Centre in London (PRC) and Malaysian Consultative Organization (MAPIM) issued the report, 'Slow Death'. The report focused on the negative effects of the siege on Gaza which has led to severe shortages in the Strip.


According to the report, Gaza residents are facing "severe shortages" in their basic needs as well as healthcare equipment and medicines. It also said that all other sectors were suffering serious shortages.

The report said that food and fuel needs can barely be met as the Egyptian army has closed most of the tunnels used to smuggle in essential goods.

The report also explained how the closure of the Rafah crossing by the Egyptians had affected the freedom of movement of Gaza's residents. Thousands of Palestinians and foreigners wanting to leave the Strip as well as thousands wanting to enter face major difficulties because of the closure of the crossing the report said.

Gaza – the world’s largest open-air prison

Published on Aug 23, 2013

With a population of almost 1.7million people crammed into a tiny space, Gaza is becoming overcrowded and unsustainable. It's port and land-borders have been blockaded for years, disrupting essential supplies for the population and it's farmland is routinely damaged by Israeli military incursions.

What lies ahead for Gaza?

Egyptian army forces destroy tunnels between Egypt and Gaza

Egypt-destroy-gaza-tunnels22 August 2013


As a part of the operation to raze all tunnels, the Egyptian army forces destroyed five tunnels and a house near the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening.


Palestinian residents in Rafah reported hearing massive sounds of explosions that shook the ground and said they saw plumes of smoke.


Meanwhile, residents in the Egyptian Rafah said that the army destroyed five tunnels and a house owned by an Egyptian citizen, Khalil Ayyad.


The tunnels between Gaza and Egypt are used to smuggle essential commodities into the besieged Strip, including fuel used for Gaza's sole electricity plant and construction materials that are currently banned but much needed after two Israeli wars that destroyed thousands of Palestinians houses and public facilities.

Video: Gaza sea port closed and blockaded since 1967

Why we need Gaza's Ark!

Israel’s unscathed diamond trade contributes to Palestinian oppression

Ramona Wadi

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 14:00

Reports concerning conflict diamonds have largely dealt with labour exploitation and subsequent use of profits falling into the hands of rebel groups in Africa unleashing massacres on various communities – notoriously personified by Liberia's Charles Taylor. The UN's Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, described on its website as 'unique and effective', has been vociferously criticised for the various loopholes which make it impossible to decipher whether the diamonds sold are conflict free. UN legitimacy and recognition once again play a major part, this time by supporting the sale of polished and crafted diamonds from Israel.

First ever Palestinian-Egyptian automobile company sponsored by Gaza Strip Investment Fund opens

MEMO-Middle East Monitor

17 January 2013

A Palestinian-Egyptian company has just opened its doors in the Gaza Strip. It is the first of its kind operating in the modern automobile sector and falls within the framework of the Gaza Strip Investment Fund.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of influential individuals in the industry, automotive traders, businessmen, and Gaza officials, as well as Gaza residents and singers.