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Support Palestinian Producers Exporting from Gaza


You can share in the voyage to challenge the blockade by purchasing Palestinian export goods from Gaza.

Now that the refurbishment of Gaza’s Ark is almost complete, our focus is shifting towards facilitating sales contracts for Palestinian products that will be exported when we sail against the blockade. By purchasing Palestinian exports from Gaza, buyers around the world can bring critically-needed public attention to the blockade while supporting Palestinian producers in Gaza.

Blog: Gaza’s Ark

Reposted from the blog of Kevin Neish

One of the positive projects that’s happening in Gaza, which started in Canada, is the Gaza Ark.  It’s being organised by the same folks who tried to break the Israeli sea blockade of Gaza in 2011 with the ship the Tahrir, the Canadian Boat to Gaza.  The Tahrir was boarded by the Israeli military, while in international waters, and hijacked to Ashdod, along with it’s crew and passengers, who were then jailed and deported. Their crime?  Entering Israel illegally!  It boggles the mind, but considering the numerous other crimes Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinians, this is just one more minor outrage.

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