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Media advisory: Update on Gaza’s Ark bomb attack

MEDIA ADVISORY: 2014-05-11 00:35

Press Conference & Public Presentation

  • When: 12:15 pm, 12th May 2014

  • Where: P21 Gallery at 21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD

Jim Manly arrives in Vancouver-Photos

Jim Manly arrived in Vancouver to give a press conference about his experience on the Estelle and in an Israeli detention centre. I was accompanied by his wife Eva and surrounded by friends and media.

Here are some photos

Media advisory: Jim Manly’s ordeal nearly over; the ordeal in Gaza continues


23 October 2012

Jim will hold a press conference on arrival

When: Wednesday 24 October 2012, 9:30AM EDT

Where: Pearson International Airport, Terminal 1

Jim Manly, Former Canadian MP (1980-88) and retired United Church Minister, is expected in Toronto Wednesday morning after being abducted by the Israeli army in International waters when the Freedom Flotilla ship, the Estelle, heading to Gaza carrying aid and solidarity, was attacked by the Israeli navy.

Jim Manly has been deported today, was put on a flight during the past hour and is expected in Toronto tomorrow morning (Wed. October 24, 2012) on flight UA8505.

Watch smuggled footage of the Israeli navy surrounding the Estelle:


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for more information:

 Eva Manly 250-616-3166
 Ehab Lotayef 514-941-9792
 Sandra Ruch 416-716-4010 
 Nino Pagliccia 604-831-9821


Video: Jim Manly press conference in Vancouver


Former Canadian MP (Member of Parliament 1980-88) and retired United Church Minister Jim Manly gave a press conference at the Vancouver airport before his trip to join the Estelle sailing to Gaza. Many supporters came to say goodbye and wish him well.