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Egypt to reopen Rafah crossing Sunday

Egypt will reopen the crossing to allow pilgrims to travel to Saudi Arabia and let returning pilgrims into the Palestinian territory, Maher Abu Sabha, the head of Gaza's crossings and border authority, told Anadolu Agency.

Urgent appeal from Gaza to the citizens of the world, Help us!

Urgent appeal from Gaza to the citizens of the world, Help us ! – Noor Harazeen
#Open_Rafah_border #افتحوا_معبر_رفح
Please contact your embassies on :
Egyptian embassy in WDC :


Noor_HarazeenWe are stuck in the Gaza strip – the world’s biggest open air prison, The Egyptian military closed the ” Rafah ” border for almost a month now !! Many Gazan patients, students, and others aren’t able to leave !! While the Israeli\Egyptian border ” Taba ” didn’t close for one single day !!
Today the Egyptians said that they will be opening ” Rafah ” tomorrow only to let people enter Gaza, but no one will be leaving the Gaza strip !!
What kind of treatment is this ?! coming from your Arab neighboring country ?!
We need your help, Please share, email the Egyptian embassies in your countries, call the Egyptian ambassadors, tell them that you don’t accept such treatment towards Palestinians, condemn the closure, protest!!
We need an international action .. Please feel what we are feeling, Please help us .. Please – Noor Harazeen

This is a call form the Palestinian youth, please join us addressing our message to Egypt, we are stuck in Gaza – the world's biggest open air prison, and we need your help, start hashtagging\tweeting #Open_Rafah_border


The Rafah Crossing: Gaza’s gate to the world

Ahmad Fahmi, Middle East Monitor
Monday, 03 March 2014

The Egyptian controlled Rafah border crossing, which is located in the southern Gaza Strip, links Gaza with the outside world. The Palestinians of the tiny impoverished enclave are denied their right to freedom of movement into and out of Gaza.

Gaza's population of 1.8 million can only use Cairo International Airport to fly to other countries.

Endless protests and sit-in's have been held by Gazans in recent months, calling on Egyptian authorities to keep it open permanently 24/7. The peaceful protestors have also called on all concerned parties such as the Palestinian Authority that has a good relationship with the new Egyptian regime to intervene in order to spare the people of Gaza any more suffering.

Gaza trade, labor unions protest closure of Rafah crossing

Watch PressTV video here

The Palestine General Federation of Trade and Labor Unions protested at the Rafah crossing to demand its permanent reopening and an end to the Egyptian military restrictions along the border with Gaza.

Gazan workers who make up most of work force in coastal enclave have been hit with high unemployment following the Egyptian military crackdown on tunnels which are considered as Gaza’s lifeline amid the choking Israeli blockade. Now that most of tunnels are either destroyed or closed workers demand that Rafah be used also as a commercial crossing to allow badly needed goods into the besieged territory.The Egyptian military has maintained tight restrictions on nearly 1.8 million Gazans following the ouster of Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi last July.

The continued Egyptian military’s restrictions at Rafah have only exacerbated the already tight and inhumane Israeli blockade in place since 2007. Gazans blame the international community and especially Arab countries’ silence for their suffering.Analysts say the Israeli apartheid regime and the Egyptian military seem to be working hand in hand in blockading the people of Gaza. The Egyptian military has kept the Rafah crossing closed most of the time since the ouster of Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi last year. Many people here believe the Egyptian military is acting as Israel's proxy in maintaining the blockade.

Rafah Border Crossing Closed for Fifth Consecutive Day

Border Crossing after it was opened for two days last week. Chairman of Crossings and Borders, Maher Abo Sabha, appeals to Egyptian authorities for opening the crossing permanently to alleviate sufferings of Palestinian people in Gaza Strip. He states, there are ongoing  communications with Egyptians to open the Crossing for humanitarian cases.

Egyptian military often closes Rafah border crossing, which is the only outlet for Palestinians in Palestinian enclave.     



Gaza Children Serve Their Computers. A bid towards Opening Rafah Crossing

  Dozens of Palestinian children, some of them suffer permanent disabilities, participated Wednesday in a sit-in outside the Rafah crossing gate, offering their computers to solve the computer malfunctioning  problem cited by Egyptian authorities to close the crossing.

The children were carrying their computers and banners reading "Take our computers to keep Rafah crossing open", and "We will offer you our pocket money to buy new computers ".

Gaza’s Rafah crossing with Egypt has been closed more often than opened in recent months under the pretext that the computer system at the crossing broke down.

Rafah Crossing opened Wednesday, Thursday




    Chairman of Borders Maher AboSabha affirms the Egyptian side will open Rafah Border Crossing on Wednesday and Thursday.

    He says travelling will be permitted for previous lists.

    Interior Ministry urges passengers to come to exterior hall at  six o'clock am near Rafah Border Crossing.

    Egyptian Authorities have closed this, the only border crossing to Palestine from Egypt, for 11 consecutive days.




‘Miles of Smiles’ aid convoy denied entry to Gaza

Published Sunday 05/01/2014 (updated) 06/01/2014 18:29
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) — Egyptian authorities refused to allow an aid convoy headed for Gaza through the Rafah crossing, an activist committee said.

A humanitarian aid convoy entitled "Miles of Smiles 24" was prevented from entering the coastal enclave despite special arrangements made previously with Egyptian authorities to enter on Saturday, deputy manager of a Gaza government committee against the siege Alaa al-Battah told Ma'an.

Al-Battah highlighted that the convoy was carrying humanitarian aid, including medicines and accommodation equipment, for Gaza residents who suffered serious property damages during the winter storm Alexa which hit the area in December. 

What are they doing to Rafah?

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Norway, the USA, Australia and New Zealand have already done it. The United Kingdom, Germany, Greece and Italy are about to.

Activists all around the planet are today presenting Egyptian embassies and consulates with the demands of more than 12,000 people worldwide to permanently open the Rafah crossing, leave the tunnels alone, and allow travel and trade for Gazans trapped by the Israeli siege.