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Just Film festival in Vancouver

Four films dealing with Palestine and Israel will be screened in Vancouver, BC (Canada) in two days, March 1-2.

The Just Film Festival is produced by a group of partners including: 

Three of the films are Sponsored by Independent Jewish Voices and CanPalNet

The fourth is Sponsored by Building Bridges Vancouver

Full schedule here.

Pro-Palestine ads planned for Toronto, Calgary

Disappearing Palestine-VancouverA controversial ad campaign on Vancouver’s transit system showing the territory of Palestine shrinking into the state of Israel will run in other Canadian cities this fall, says the coalition behind the images.

“We do know that in other Canadian cities, for example in Toronto and in Calgary, there will be ads” running sometime this fall sponsored by advocates in those cities, said Charlotte Kates, a spokeswoman for seven Vancouver-based groups calling themselves the Palestine Awareness Coalition.

Kates said the images, which went up in Vancouver on Tuesday, show the steady occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel. The coalition got the idea for the “Disappearing Palestine” campaign from similar ads that have run in American cities like New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

TransLink: Vancouver’s ‘Disappearing Palestine’ ads will stay up

Disappearing Palestine-VancouverTransLink says it will not take down several ads by the Palestianian Awareness Coalition, in response to an angry response from members of Vancouver's Jewish community.

Jim Manly full press conference at Vancouver airport-25 October 2012

25 October 2012. Full press conference by Jim Manly at the Vancouver airport on his way home to Nanaimo. Jim was one of 30 crew members of the Ship to Gaza Estelle who were hijacked by the Israeli navy in international waters while attempting to reach Gaza. He was detained by the Israeli army for 4 days before being deported back to Canada. Israel imposes an illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip virtually imprisoning 1.6 million Palestinians.


Jim Manly arrives in Vancouver-Photos

Jim Manly arrived in Vancouver to give a press conference about his experience on the Estelle and in an Israeli detention centre. I was accompanied by his wife Eva and surrounded by friends and media.

Here are some photos

The fisherfolk and farmers of Gaza: Existence is resistance




JULY 19, 2012

(Photo: Wissam Nassar / Maan Images) A people-to-people solidarity delegation recently returned from Gaza to Vancouver. On Sunday, July 22, there will be a community forum reporting back on their delegation’s experiences and findings. This is the first of several eyewitness accounts from delegates whichrabble.ca will be publishing in the coming days. 

On our second day in Gaza, we spent the day with the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), an independent, grassroots Palestinian organization that operates in both Gaza and the West Bank, organizing Palestinian farmers and engaging in programs to support Palestinian farmers’ and agricultural workers’ steadfastness, independence and resistance to occupation. Palestinian agricultural workers are on the front lines in confronting occupation – their existence and continued presence on their land is a deep and abiding resistance.