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Video: Israeli Social TV report on Gaza’s Ark

The full report in Hebrew here.

Skype interview with David Heap (subtitles in Hebrew):


Video: A call from Gaza for May 31- Break the siege!

Break the siege: May 31 A video call from Gaza (English subtitles)

Video: “Happy” Gaza Version

"Youth from Gaza find it in their spirits to be HAPPY despite the oppression from Egypt and Israel. Watch and dance along with them!"

Video: Eva Bartlett on Gaza in Crisis – An Eyewitness Report

This is a video of a talk Eva gave a few weeks ago in Austin, with big thanks to Jeffry Zavala [ZGraphix http://zgraphix.org] who filmed and edited the talk and put it out there. Link re the Amira Hass reference. Link re IOF attacks even as far as 2 km from border. Link re the remotely-operated machine-gun towers. Link to Farmers routinely under Israeli army fire.

“The noise in our country is endless,” says new track by Gaza duo Revolution Makers

Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Mon, 03/03/2014 to Electronic Intifada

The prolific and talented Gaza hip hop artists Revolution Makers have put out a new song, accompanied by video art, titled “Noise.”

Gaza’s Ark returns to the water – the value of small donors

Dear Friends:

We are pleased to announce that Gaza's Ark is now back in the water*, having had its hull thoroughly cleaned, overhauled and painted. Well done to the boat building team in Gaza!

You can see photos in our photo album and the video below.

Next on the refurbishing list comes the plumbing and electrical work.

Video: The olive harvest in the Gaza Strip, 2013

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip harvest olives during the month of October. Several years ago, a large amount of land was planted with olive trees. They were completely destroyed by Israeli bulldozers, and Palestinians were prevented from replanting them by the so-called “green line.” Today the olive oil industry is a small part of the local economy. The export of this olive oil is also prevented as a consequence of more than seven years of the Zionist blockade.

Olive Harvest. Gaza Strip 2013 from Gal·la on Vimeo.

Ann Wright: In Gaza They’re Preparing an Ark

Published on Oct 10, 2013

Featuring an interview with Ann Wright (at 11:20 minutes of video) about the very unfinished Gaza Freedom Flotilla compensation issue and next year's attempt to have a cargo ship leave Gaza. Interview with Albuquerque activist Susan Schuurman who is putting up billboards calling for an end of the $30 billion in military aid to Israel. Short clip of Miko Peled who will be speaking at Yale 10/28/13. The Struggle #506

Israeli naval restrictions force Gazans to fish close to Egyptian territorial waters

The video includes coverage of Gaza's Ark initiative and an interview with David Heap.

CORRECTIONGaza's Ark will NOT carry over 100 people. In addition to its cargo, it will likely carry no more than 20 people or so; and our revised timeline is to sail in the spring of 2014 as announced on 21 August (NOT by the end of this year).

Gaza – the world’s largest open-air prison

Published on Aug 23, 2013

With a population of almost 1.7million people crammed into a tiny space, Gaza is becoming overcrowded and unsustainable. It's port and land-borders have been blockaded for years, disrupting essential supplies for the population and it's farmland is routinely damaged by Israeli military incursions.

What lies ahead for Gaza?